The Arts, & Crafts

Enhance your bed and breakfast experience with a concert in the park or top tapping fiddle fest or line dance to county music. The music of Indiana ranges from Blues to Jazz and Gospel. Plan your stay with an evening at the symphony, the best of bluegrass with the strumming banjos and fiddle contests or swing and promenade around the square dance floor. 

Indiana, home to hundreds of talented artisans and boasts a variety of unique handmade works of art, handcrafted furniture, pottery, weaving, leather, clothing, wood, glass and other unique one-of-a-kind items. Shop for the perfect piece of local art, handmade soaps, hand-turned bowls, antiques and vintage items. Visit a potter's studio and see a masterpiece created. Meet the artisans and share their stories. Your experience will be as valuable and unique as the art itself.

The Oliver Inn

South Bend, Indiana

The South Bend Museum of Art. 
The Snite Museum of Contemporary Art on The Campus of The University of Notre Dame. 
The Morris Performing Arts Center, home to The South Bend Symphony. 
All within 3 miles of The Oliver Inn 

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